As i remember the first week of the Call Lesson, i was shocked because when i saw the Call Lesson syllablus, i realized that i heard these  items for the first time so i worried about me.There is a question mark on my mind.How could i pass the Call Lesson as an ordinary student?

Thanks to Sedat Teacher, the question mark disappeared from my mind  day by day.At first week i said that we should get rid of the ordinary.And now i’m saying Call Lesson were responded to my expectations.And also this lesson helped us to keep up with the times.

Now, it’s our turn.Whatever we learned this semester in Call Lesson, we should use them inspite of bad education system in Turkey  as a future’s teachers.Most of them are useful and effective for teaching language.


Second Life and Weebly

Today’s topics are  “Second Life and Weebly.com” Firstly  , i want to mention about the interesting one which is Second Life.

What is Second Life? Second Life is a 3D world where everyone you see is a real person and every place you visit is built by people just like you.It’s your world, it’s your imagination. Second Life is a free 3D virtual world where users can socialize, connect and create using free voice and text chat.But Second Life is banned in many universities because it enters the game category.Anyway, at  the law school of Harvard University,  there are simulation courts.In these courts, Second Life is used.  Also,  Middle East Technical University is using Second Life.Think that you are a teacher and you want to give a lecture to your students in Second Life.Do it, it is easy!Also, there is chat section where you can chat with your friends.

The other topic is Weebly.com which  is one of the easiest ways to create a website or blog page.Without having expert knowledge,it provides creating  professional pages with drag and drop method .You can add slide shows, videos, images, titles, embed codes,audio files and whatever you want.As a teacher, you can add your course materials and use these in your lessons.That’s all. 🙂


This week’s subject is Podcast.Firstly i want to mention about the meaning of the Podcast.Most of you know something about Podcast.  A podcast is a type of digital media  consisting of an episodic series of audio, radio and video.Except for  recreational  usage of podcasts, educational and business purposes are  spreading.For example,  students   follow the various lessons  via podcasts and  podcasts can improve students’   listening  skills.There are some advantages of podcasts.I want to mention about them briefly :

  1. Viewing or listening at any time,
  2. Viewing and listening again and again ,
  3. Easy accessing  of new parts with free or paid subscription system,
  4. Frequently updating of rapidly changing data.

There are one  important site which is National Public Radio.( http://www.npr.org/ )It is similar to TRT in Turkey.There are  some speeches under the headings of  news, arts&life, music, programs topics.For example, you choose headline of  the technology .There are speeches about  the  technology and  you can download these speeches as MP3s.Also, if you want to be acquainted  with the agenda , you can listen to the current issues.Even if you work at home, you can improve your English via listening these Podcats. JHow do you use Podcasts in language teaching in class?The answer is simple.Download the speeches and  use them as a course material,or use it in your exams.You’re a teacher and you ask your students to answer  the questions on podcasts.They will  record their answers  on podcasts.In addition to these, you can use it for your personal development.

The last site is Audioboo which which allows users to post and share sound files.You can compose sound files and use them in your class.That’s all for his week! 🙂


Today’s topic was Digital Storytelling.Firstly, i want to explain what is the meaning of digital stories.Digital stories are the stories which involve combining narrative with digital content to create a short movie. Digital stories can include sound, music, picture or your own sound.They are short stories.Digital stories are about 5 or 10 minutes.There are many examples of digital stories on the internet.To make a digital story, you should download “Movie maker” programme.With this programme you can create stories for kids by adding some picture or your own dialogue.It is so easy.There is a website which is called “Storynory.com”.There are texts of the stories on this site.You can record audio  when the images are passing on the background, in this way you can make digital story telling.Isn’t it easy?In Movie maker, you can add videos,images,music or audio files.Firstly,write for your own screen and tell your story with 10 or 15 images.

Another topic was “Story Jumper .You can learn more information from this site:(http://www.storyjumper.com/)With this site you can create or discover books for kids.Think a book.There is one picture on a page and writing on the other page.It is funny for kids and of course for you. :)You can also use these books which are  prepared by others  in the classroom for your kids to make the lesson funny.In this site there is a video which shows us how to prepare a story.That’s all , have a nice evening. 😀


As most of you know, Skype  is an IP Telephony service provider that offers free calling between subscribers and low-cost calling to people who don’t use the service. In addition to standard telephone calls, Skype enables file transfers, texting,video chat and videoconferencing. Also it is a high quality service.Previously there were chat rooms in Skype,people who were from different places and interested in the same subject could talk about some issues.Anyway,do you know where is ICQ from? I learned it in the Call lesson that week.It comes from “ I Seek You”. Isn’t it interesting?If you install money to Skype,you can talk someone when you abroad. This indicates that the skype is handy.Using Skype in the classroom is not suitable like Online Conferencing.If so how can we use Skype in teaching?The answer is simple. Think that you asks students to make a project but your students are in different locations so they can use Skype to make the project together.Let’s get on Facebook. Although Facebook is a part of our lives, it  have been banned in many countries especially in universities.People who are in China and Iran can not use Facebook because it is banned.Generally, Facebook is not used because of being unsafe.Most people are not  using it consciously and it is the biggest problem.As a teacher we should say students how  can they use it safely and consciously.I think it is necessary.How can we use Facebook in education?We can not find all students one by one.To communicate with our students, discussion or  share files which are related to learning subjects,we can use Facebook, actually.Except lesson, you can find some groups which are related to your interests (e.g ELT) and you can add and follow them.Also there is Twitter .Do you know meaning of the “ #edchat” and how does it work?I’m gonna explain it now.It is the favorite tag of all educators in the World. You can use this tag  to discover and share new ideas, to follow the trends in education or innovations around the World.But firstly you should take a Twitter account. 😀 Sedat Teacher claims that Facebook,Twitter and Skype will be used within 5 years in education and I agree with him. :)Also,if you want to be a teacher in a private school or university, you should know how to use social media because it is asked in their exams.It is important to remember.Have a nice day. 🙂

Nicenet and Dokeos

That week we learned 2 sites for online teaching.One of them is http://www.nicenet.org ,and the other one  is http://www.compus.dokeos.com.

Nicenet.org is a very simple online classroom tool with a more formal feel.It has some specific features so i want to share them with you.

  • accessible from any computer with an internet connection
  • forum based activites allow students and teachers to do peer editing or respond to questions so that everyone can read all responses.
  • Allows teacher to post links. Teacher may allow students to as well if desired.
  • Allows teacher to post documents for download.
  • Allows you to post schedules of due dates.
  • Provides private messaging service.
  • Requires no email for registration. Teacher provides a key that students enter.
  • Requires students to put in name for identification, allowing teacher to keep track ofwho is doing what.
  • The other one is Dokeos which is an open source web application on  learning management system.I think both of them very useful in terms of education.In the future we should use them when it is necessary.


Today we  learnt another useful tool which is related to online conferencing.The name of this tool is “WizIQ .“As a teacher you can do whatever you want  in Wiziq.But there is  one important point, if you use this tool when your students are in different places for example when they are at their homes, it will be meaningful.Otherwise, it will be absurd.Think a board.The teacher separates the board into 3 parts.One part includes powerpoint presentation, other part includes visual talk and the last part is writing part.Is it possible? Of course, it’s not possible but with Wiziq it is possible.It makes impossible things possible. 🙂  I think it is a  good motto.

As a teacher you can create lessons or watch  lessons  about anything you want. Don’t  worry, they are free!These conferences are recorded so you can watch them always.With this tool you can load powerpoint presentations and you can give lesson  on ppt with writing or underlying important informations.Or you can load Word or Pdf files to cover a topic.When you want to make speaking activities with your students , you can ask your students to  open their cameras.I think it is a good idea.There is an advantage, i want to share with you.You are a teacher and you are  talking about something.Your students want to ask questions to you.It isan inevitable end.It will distract you.There is a solution to this problem by means of Wiziq.Your students can chat among themselves to ask question  when you are talking.It’s the easiest way to give lesson to students who are in different places. Stay with technology. 🙂

Week of Prezi!

Prezi was the topic of today.I didn’t know anything about Prezi until today.Firstly, i want to say Prezi and Powerpoint Presentation are different from each other because Prezi is more attention-getting presentation tool than Powerpoint Presentation because you can make presentation over the internet and publish your presentation on the web.Also, Prezi is more colorful and funny way to make presentation.:) You can use Prezi when you want to make an effective presentation to your students.It can be very useful in terms of teaching and it can be easily-remembered because of visual aids, facts and videos.This kind of features will catch  your students’ attention easily.There are some disadvantages of using Prezi.If you want to use it, you should have internet connection.Unfortunately,we can not connect to internet whenever if we want.I think it is an important disadvantage. 😦

My Worthy Opinions About 5th Week

As every week,Sedat Teacher asked us a question.This is an usual beginning.We told our opinions briefly.Then he told the reasons of using mobile phones in teaching.He gave us examples from his life about using mobile phones in teaching.After, he showed us 15 symbols which are related to applications like Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and he asked how many of them you know?In later time,he showed some pictures and asked what are they but we don’t know what they are. 😦 One of the picture is related to “Press Reader”.Until today,i didn’t hear about Press Reader.India has 112 newspapers.! ı think it is incredible.When i heared that, i said waoww.Then teacher showed us how we use this application.There are thousands of newspapers in many languages.We can use them in teaching language as future’s teachers.:) And another application is “Feedly”.I heared it for the first time.The other application is “Skype”. Most of you know this one, i think. :)Sedat teacher mentioned about an ease about Skype so i want to share it with you, my dear friends.When u go abroad, u can use Skype instead of using mobile phone to communicate with your friends or family.There is another plus point of using Skype.that is so cheap.!To sum up, the other applications are Flipboard,Ted Talks, Edmodo (Derya teacher uses this one), Socrative, Dropbox, Chrome for Android,Youtube,Twitter,Turang Dictionary, Sesli Dictionary,Google Reader….I remembered these but of course you know most of them because we are clever and we have researcher souls. :)I learned a lot of thing that week.See you next Week. 🙂

Impressions of 4th Week :)

At the beginning of the lesson, the teacher warned us about taking account because 65 students  didn’t take account for PB works.Then, he introduced Online Communities of Practise Work for Professional Development.He asked what is professional?We didn’t answer because we didn’t understand the question. 😦 After, Sedat teacher talked about why do we need Professional Develeopment and conferences.As i understand, we should join the conferences to improve yourself in terms of teaching skills.He told us why online PD is preferred.PD should be preferred because of these reasons:

  1. The flexibility of learning time
  2. Not having to travel, not paying money
  3. Share ideas with many people over a large geographical area
  4. The cost of learning material
  5. Learning is interactive- mostly collaborated

Then, teacher mentioned about Webheads.To become a Webhead, we need a group of people.we should have common concern or sth, we should try to learn something.The last one is the most important.In addition to them, he talked about Yahoo Groups and it’s features.And of course Sedat teacher warned some of students to be quiet because there were grumbling and very bad noise in the class.!Lastly, he told differences between Yahoo groups and Facebook.You can create a group in Yahoo Groups.It is different from Facebook in terms of creating groups.The lesson came to end in that way.